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DiCaprio Event Photography - You can trust us to capture
The People…The Action…The Memories!
DiCaprio Event Photography is the premiere event photographer in New England and one of the best in the nation. Our skilled photographers know the very best angles and techniques to achieve the best-ever photographic coverage of your event.Whether it’s a corporate party or high school prom, DiCaprio Event Photography has the knowledge, equipment and attention to detail that is sure to make your event a roaring success!

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Corporate Events

Our team has photographed events for some of America’s largest companies, and has worked with celebrities, sports figures and politicians both regionally and nationally.

We have the capability to produce large quantities of quality photos on-the-spot, and we make it exciting for both you and your guests by staffing your event with our fun and entertaining photography team! We will work with you to create images that enhance the experience that you are providing, we will design the background to meet your theme, provide folders (or specialized frames), design templates to “go around” your photos, as well.

Some of the events we can cover are:

Annual Dinners & Banquets
Charitable Fundraisers
Award Ceremonies
Birthday Parties
Group Outings & Retreats
Holiday Parties
Annual Meetings
Conventions & Tradeshows
Celebrity Meet & Greets
New Product Introductions

Below you’ll find a small sampling of the companies and celebrities that we’ve
had the pleasure of working with:

Fidelity Investments
Bank of America
Cardi’s Furniture
Providence Journal
Colin Powell
Tim Russet
Rudi Giuliani
Tom Brokaw
Billy Andrade
Gino Cappelletti
Steve Grogan
Pawtucket Red Sox
Brett Quigley
Deborah Norville
Terry Francona
Christiane Amanpour


School Photos

Our program provides several features that benefit the three key groups in any school setting-the administration, the PTO, and the students and their parents. Here’s how it works:

Multiple Packages
We offer enough variety and price points to please all your parents. We even have add-on items, and a special finish to enhance each package to their personal tastes. There won’t be any complaining about not finding a package to fit their needs.

Flexible Commission Plan
That’s right; you get to determine the commission that your school is going to earn. And the commission can vary by package. So, you can keep the cost down on the small packages, making them affordable for everyone. You all know how tight funds are at most schools, so this fundraiser can reap big $$$ for special projects, supplies, or class trips.

Multiple Background Choices, Retouching,
Personalized Wallets, & more

We offer many choices for your parents to choose from. You parents can choose to add a color choice to their portraits, or have their child’s name on their jumbo wallets. Does their child have an unsightly zit-they can have that fixed too. Do they like black & white photos, they can add-on a black & white 5×7 and 4 jumbo wallets to their portrait package.

A Rock-Solid Guarantee
If they don’t like their photos, students can be re-photographed on make-up day (available for elementary, middle, and high schools only). And there is no fee for make-ups due to expression or photographer error! Or, they can return their photos for a full refund, no questions asked. And we provide a dedicated phone line for questions on school photos, as well as, a page on our website (available 24/7) for questions and missing item reporting.

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Proms & Dances

Limos, flowers, tuxedos, hairstyling and having your nails done (at least for the girls)-your Prom Night is an important affair. Don’t leave this important affair to just any photographer.

Great Looking Photographs
Choose a photographer that is going to compliment your Prom Night with simple sets that don’t over power you and your date. We design sets with you in mind. We work with backgrounds and props that will compliment your attire. And, most importantly, the Prom Committee picks the background with us, so you are sure to get something everyone likes.

No More Lines!
Tired of waiting in line for photos on Prom Night? We have a system that will insure that you are in line no longer than 15 minutes! Want to have photos taken with a special group of friends? Our buddy photos give everyone in the group a 5×7 and 4 wallets. Want more than one pose? We offer two pose packages that insure that you and your date get the same amount of photos for each pose!

Multiple Packages
You will have a choice of both one pose and two pose packages. Packages are offered from $22 for 10 photos all the way up to our $88 package that includes 60 photos as well as TWO FREE BUDDY photos! You will have 7 packages to choose from, and you can add extra wallets to any one of the packages! So, you can have enough photos to pass out to all your friends.

Quick Turnaround Time
And, if you need your delivery quick, we can do that too. Our normal delivery time is two weeks after the prom, but if you need it sooner, just let us know what your needs are. We will work to accommodate you at no additional fee!

When it comes to prom photographs, choose the best
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Sports & More

You can be the hero or scapegoat when it comes to picking your league and dance photographer. Rely on our reputation. Be a hero.

If you have ever experienced poor service, games / recitals starting late, late deliveries, and complaining parents and coaches, then you’ll like working with DiCaprio Event Photography. Because making league / dance photos run smoothly, providing outstanding customer service, great value packages for your parents and quality photos, is truly what we are all about.

Your reputation is on the line when you choose the league / dance photographer, so working with a studio with over 29 years in the photography business is a big plus. There is nothing better than relying on our reputation. Anyone can be made a promise; the idea is to deliver the right mix of products and services to your league / dance school at a value that is competitive. DiCaprio Event Photography does just that for you.

We Help You Stay On Schedule
You know how hard it is to get coaches and teachers to give up time from their practice and warm-up schedules to have photos taken. And parents drive you crazy when it’s the end of the season and their pictures still are not in. You won’t have those headaches when you work with a photographer that puts a picture schedule together-and sticks to it! And parents will be thanking you for selecting a company that not only provided the best value portraits they have ever received, but also delivered them in 3 weeks.

Over 15 Years of Satisfied Customers
Discover what Cumberland Youth Soccer (13 years) and Krylo Dance Studio (15 years) have known for a long time. Ask Smithfield Youth Soccer, Warwick Soccer, Cumberland Youth Baseball/Softball Association, or Smithfield Basketball why they choose DiCaprio Event Photography. They’ll tell you-“service, great value, friendliness with the children, great scheduling, and timely delivery is what makes DiCaprio Event Photography the best choice in Sports / Dance Photography.”

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From shanks, hooks, slices, long drives, true putts, and holes-in-one, you want your tournament to be a success. Whether your golf tournament is a corporate event for your clients and suppliers, or a charity event to raise money for a cause, thanking your golfers for spending the day with you is a must.

Golf Photo Gift Products, delivered at the end of your tournament, are a sure way to combine the fun and camaraderie of your tournament with a commemorative gift of the day. Foursome photos or individual action photos or both, your photographers will capture an image that your guests will be pleased to display on the desks or walls of their office. Your Photo Gift can include your company logo, the date of the event, and the name of the golf course. For both corporate and charity events, you can offer a supplier or patron the opportunity to sponsor the photos and get a year’s worth of recognition by including their company name and logo on each Photo Gift.

You can have each foursome photographed, or have the individual players taken “on the course” in an action photo. You can even personalize each photo gift with the player’s name! And best of all, you can have these high quality gift products delivered the day of your event!

We have a variety of products and price points from which to choose what is right for your tournament. And if you don’t see something that fits your needs, just let us know. We will be happy to look for an item that fits into your plans.

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Images by Bob | Woonsocket, RI